Construction Building Support Products

Structure.   Miscellaneous.  Safety.

WB Industries subcontracts structural steel fabrication services to general contractors on new building and renovation projects.  From structural steel packages to miscellaneous metal packages, we fabricate and machine metal components for your building project.

Understanding the construction industry and applying regulatory codes, and standards, ensures the products we deliver meet our construction customers’ needs. We take the necessary processes and steps needed to plan, manage, manufacture, inspect, deliver and install to our customers satisfaction. Our service performance is exceptional, delivering on time and ready for installation – so your project is never delayed.

For custom metal fabrication needs, our design engineers can step in with design-build services and solid-modeling capabilities or simply review the requested design to validate manufacturability before fabrication begins.

Construction Building Support Services

  • Miscellaneous Metal Packages

  • Structural and Support Beams

  • Columns, Towers and Poles

  • Bollards

  • Embed Plates

  • Safety Rails, Barriers and Stairs

Infrastructure Products

Safety.   Process.  Support.

Our infrastructure products and solutions are used by many different industries such as public works, government, utilities, construction and transportation. Addressing the needs for new projects, repairs, maintenance and sustainability, our custom infrastructure products meet the many requirements these industries face.

Many of the custom fabricated infrastructure and safety products we manufacture address public safety needs including border fencing, fall protection railing, side walk grating, manhole covers, waste and water pipe maintenance, underground utility vaults and overhead canopies. Each infrastructure and public safety requirement is unique – with our talented group of design engineers, metal fabricators, machinists, welders, and installers, we have the team to custom manufacture simple to complex infrastructure and public safety products and equipment.

Infrastructure Solutions

  • Utility Vaults – Underground

  • Light Gauge Steel Frames

  • Back Fill Water Skid System

  • Feed Water Bypass

  • Process Piping System Components

  • Outdoor Canopies

  • Complex Piping Components

  • Safety Railings

  • Manhole Coverings