For over 40 years WB Industries has manufactured custom machined and metal fabricated parts, tooling and equipment for a wide variety of industries. We apply customer specific requirements to our projects and work to several industry standards such as NASA, Boeing, AMS, AISC, IBC, ASTM and MIL specs.

Our products are made from a  variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, nickel based steels, aluminum, inconel, cast iron, copper, brass and bronze. Other materials used include composites, plastics and wood.

Applying our vast industry experience and technical knowledge with creative ideas and solid project management practices, we consistently deliver innovative solutions to our customer’s safety, performance and efficiency needs.

Your Bottom Line

“We focus our efforts on products that provide solutions to our customers needs, meeting safety and efficiency requirements, while having a positive impact on both your employees and your bottom line.”  Gary Bertolucci, President, WB Industries

Industrial Work Platforms and Mezzanines

Our industrial work platforms, mezzanines and ladder platforms are built to help your employees get close to what they are working on safely and efficiently.  Made of steel, aluminum or a combination of materials, these platforms support manufacturing operations, equipment repair, and maintenance. They offer a safe environment for warehouse accessibility and storage solutions.

Our platforms can be built as fixed or mobile structures, elevated or suspended, with many available options such as wired for utilities, hydraulics, folding capabilities, adjustable heights and slider features.

Custom Designed

Our industrial work platforms and mezzanines are configured and built to your unique dimensional specifications.  We can work with your existing design or one of our design engineers can create a custom platform per your specifications.  Our design engineers ensure the manufacturability of the design from planning to production to installation.

Your Employee Safety

“Our industrial platforms, mezzanines and stairs are built to our customers specific needs, considering OSHA/ANSI and fall protection compliance.”  Ken Wasiuta, General Manager, WB Industries

Platform Product Showcase

Safety Products

Plant safety and efficient work areas are at the top of the list for facility management personnel. In addition to our safety work platforms, mezzanines and stairs we also manufacture additional safety structures and equipment needed to keep your plant, warehouse and work area safe for your employees and personnel.

Safety Product Showcase

Parts Handling and Support Equipment

Our parts handling and support equipment helps companies move parts, tools and equipment to where it is needed. From small cabinets, specialized carts, racks and dollies, to conveying systems, lifting and hoisting equipment, we help you get your parts to their destination efficiently and safely, while keeping your company’s performance in mind.  Our parts handling and support equipment is manufactured to your specifications, and unique configuration requirements, while conforming to requirements such as OSHA, ANSI, ASME, and other safety standards.

Our AWS Certified Weld Inspector (CWI) combined with our talented machinists, fabricators and engineers are ready to design and manufacture your next project.

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Have a project you need some design assistance with?  Ask one of our Engineers. 

Storage and Shipping Containers

Our storage and shipping containers provide a functional way to safeguard products, tools and equipment.  Our customized containers are made to meet your unique needs, usually made of metal or wood, with inserts for packing and holding your items securely.

Our storage and shipping containers are manufactured considering many specifications including overseas and international shipping requirements.

We are experienced in providing custom storage and shipping containers for your unique needs.

Storage and Shipping Product Showcase

Structural Steel Construction Packages

WB Industries services the construction market with a variety of metal fabrication services and products.  We provide fabrication from miscellaneous metal packages to structural steel packages.  Our engineering, detailing, fabrication and installation services keep our customers’ construction projects on schedule.  We understand construction codes, standards and the certifications needed.  We provide complete structural services for the work we perform.

Construction Product Showcase

Infrastructure Equipment

Infrastructure equipment covers a wide assortment of custom metal fabricated products for use in public structures and facilities such as utilities, parks, pipelines, street maintenance, underground waste and water repair systems.  Our designers, fabricators, machinists and installers provide the full range of services for any public infrastructure project.

Infrastructure Product Showcase

Machined Components and Assemblies

Our CNC programmers and machinists deliver quality projects supporting the various industries we serve. We have experience with a variety of materials and material sizes meeting demanding tolerances and requirements. Our machinists produce details and assemblies manufactured to our customers’ exact specifications, from custom one off parts to large quantity batch runs.  Need specialzed parts for your equipment, product or project?  We have the in house capabilities to perform for your next project.

Below is a sample of the types of products and systems we’ve manufactured.  Have a project?  Give us a call!

Machined Components Product Showcase