Industrial Work Platforms

Safety.   Efficiency.  Performance.

Industrial work platforms provide a safe working environment for employees and help improve their job performance and efficiency.  WB Industries has been designing and manufacturing custom work platforms for over 40 years.  From small elevated platforms to large, complex aircraft maintenance platforms, we have met the challenge, proving our abilities by delivering high quality products with exceptional customer service.

Have a design?  Our engineers can review the design with you to confirm manufacturability while looking for opportunities to add value to improve performance, safety and reduce cost.

Have to meet an aggressive delivery schedule?  No problem, our project management team uses our in house project managment process to deliver your project on time, on budget and on spec!

Platforms We Build

  • Steel & Aluminum Work Platforms

  • Access Platforms

  • Maintenance and Repair Platforms

  • Ladder Platforms

  • Adjustable Height Platforms

  • Mobile, Rolling Platforms

  • Suspended Platforms

  • Assembly Platforms

  • Configurable and Reconfigurable Platforms

Industrial Ladders & Stairs

Safety.   Access.  Mobility.

We custom design and build industrial ladders, stairs and steps that help your employees access raised platforms, elevated equipment, shelving and maintenance areas.

Each industrial ladder, stair and step is custom built to the required height, weight, climbing angle, step width and may, when needed, include safety railings, cages, barriers, non slick materials and paint colors.  Our stairs are built to regulatory and OSHA standards for long lasting durability and safety.

Fixed or mobile, articulated or cantilever, caged or railed, we’ll help you climb safely and efficiently.

Types of Ladders & Stairs We Build

  • OSHA Conforming Ladders and Stairs

  • Ladder Platforms and Crossovers

  • Rolling Ladders, Stairs, Steps

  • Articulated Ladders and Stairs with Adustable Angles

  • Interior and Exterior Ladders and Stairs, Including Safety Guards

  • Fixed Steel and Aluminum Ladders and Stairs

Storage and Industrial Mezzanines

Storage.   Office.  Industrial.

Need more storage, office or working space?  Mezzanines can convert your unused overhead space to usable space, increasing the capacity of your facility at a fraction of the cost of new construction. Mezzanine storage platforms, work platforms and office platforms increase available working and storage space and provide a boost to your operational metrics.

Our structural design engineers can help you design a mezzanine that fits your space, considering, size, span, height and load requirements.  Mezzanines are built  to your requirements using industry standards and other applicable regulatory requirements.  Our custom approach to mezzanine manufacturing ensures that your design is configured to optimize  your current space.

Stairs, landings, handrails and gates, included in the design, are manufactured and installed to meet OSHA standards, keeping your employees, personnel and guests safe.

Types of Mezzanines

  • Mezzanine Storage Platforms

  • Office Mezzanine Platforms

  • Industrial Mezzanine

Safety Products

People.   Facility.  Equipment.

We design, manufacture and install safety products to protect people, equipment and facilities in industrial and commercial environments. Industrial handrails, guardrails, barriers and bollards are standard products we manufacture. Safety compliance and reducing risk is why we manufacture very specific safety products such as, machine guards, engine intake guards and splash guards that are unique to your production processes and needs.

No two facilities are exactly alike so we customize safety solutions to fit your environment. The better the fit,  the safer  it is for your  people, equipment and facilities.  Our products meet OSHA requirements and address work zone, traffic control, material control, fall prevention and equipment safety. Reduce your overall costs and hazards associated with incidents, equipment damage and building repairs with a custom fabricated safety solution.

When you are looking to build, improve, update or modify your new or existing facility, production line or for maintenance and repair, WB industries has the expertise to help you keep your people, facility and equipment safe.

Safety Solutions

  • Safety Guard Rails and Barriers

  • Safety Hand Rails

  • Safety Bollards

  • Safety Gates

  • Dock Gates

  • Machine Guards

  • Collection Troughs

  • Splash Shields