Safety.   Turnkey.   Management.

WB Industries installation services provide your company with a turnkey solution to take your project from its inception to final completion.  Our project management team works with your facility team to identify site specific safety requirements, access protocols and other on-site requirements.  We then create an installation plan that identifies the people, equipment and tasks required to perform a smooth installation.

Our installation team will arrive with all the right equipment necessary to install your project for your unique configuration – cranes, forklifts and specialized tools.  Proper methods will be used during installation to ensure a perfect fit, and final inspection will be done to ensure specifications and standards have been met before our installers leave your facility.

Smooth and Efficient Installation – we manufactured the components to fit together, why not have us install it?

Benefits of Our
Installation Services

  • On-Site Project Management

  • Follow OSHA Required Safety Procedures

  • Fully Insured Field Personnel

  • All Installation Equipment and Tools Provided

  • Experience Installing Complex and Challenging Projects

Installation Services Projects