Our team was very honored to participate in the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences (NCMS) show a few weeks back. It was an incredible gathering of industry experts looking to see what the latest and greatest was in the world of Aerospace and Defense. And as our company has been delivering custom product solutions to that industry for more than 20 years, we were right at home.

WB Industries at the NCMS show

But where exactly did our team fit in?

In short, our proven design/manufacturing technology assembly jigs and fixtures turned more than a few heads in the room. Through our discussions and demonstrations, we were able to show how this technology and our expertise in it enabled an efficient refurbishment of existing aircraft control surface parts for use on mission-critical aircraft undergoing extensive modernization.

Jigs and fixtures allow for accuracy and repeatability when manufacturing assemblies. They are essential tools when refurbishing parts, as the tolerances that must be met are typically very tight. Creating these jigs and fixtures can be a time-consuming process, but one that is necessary.

By utilizing jigs and fixtures to ensure accuracy and efficiency on assemblies, we are filling a much-needed role in some of these organizations. It is not new technology. However, it is one that is seeing more and more utility as organizations are refurbishing more aircraft. Although some of these refurbishing organizations do have the capability of creating the jigs and fixtures in house, it is not always ideal for them. That approach takes away from that personnel’s primary objective of actually creating the parts.

This is where WB Industries fills the gap.

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