Team Update

WB Industries is excited to announce some changes to our Estimating and Project Management teams! Mark Berte, Crissy Akers, and Jack Bertolucci have all moved into new positions within our office. The WB Leadership Team and I are excited for the changes and the opportunities for each of them! We’re confident all three will be [...]

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A Big Welcome to our Summer Interns

There’s nothing more satisfying than passing knowledge on to the next generation of the workforce. The trades are so important to this country and seeing the youthful enthusiasm of our interns is very inspiring.  This year, we’ve brought on three unique individuals to join us for the duration of the summer: Megan Smith, Charlie Mitchell [...]

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Happy National Skilled Trades Day

Observed annually on the first Wednesday of May, National Skilled Trades Day was established to raise awareness about the value of skilled trades workforce in the United States and honor skilled trades workers. The day was also designed to honor essential workers serving as skilled craftsman. Let’s just say that our skilled trades workers [...]

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In the Know

FABRICATOR'S POV IN THE KNOW By Lauren Duensing Above: This tooling fixture is used for aerospace production. Keeping on top of trends allows fabricator to meet customers’ expectations November 2020 - For over 40 years, WB Industries has manufactured custom machined and metal fabricated parts, tooling and equipment for a wide variety of industries, applying customer-specific requirements and working [...]

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Finding a Niche

WATERJET TECHNOLOGY HELPS A BOUTIQUE FABRICATION SHOP LAND NICHE JOBS By: Jimmy Myers, senior editor Gary Bertolucci, president of WB Industries, has three decades behind him in the manufacturing industry and just about as many years of experience coaching football. Taking the “team approach” is nothing new to him, and he employed that strategy [...]

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In-house machine shops for metal fabricators

Expanding shop skill sets and capabilities can improve quality, productivity, and competitive bidding. By: Ken Wasiuta, WB Industries Originally appearing in Aerospace Manufacturing and Design, May 2020 All images courtesy of WB Industries Operating and supporting an in-house machine shop can be a substantial benefit to a metal fabricator specializing in aerospace maintenance equipment. As [...]

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The Shape of Water

FABshop Magazine December 2019 By: Ken Wasiuta, vice president, WB Industries The waterjet cutting machine is one of the most important pieces of equipment that custom metal fabrication company WB Industries utilizes on a day-to-day basis. Between the intricate, detailed cuts the machine is able to perform and the variety of different materials that can [...]

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Aerospace Work Platforms – More than Meets the Eye

Today's work platforms are far more complex than the simple designs of the past. By: Ken Wasiuta, WB Industries For maintenance personnel in the aerospace industry to do their jobs effectively, they need to be able to get physically close to the equipment they are working on. This statement sounds obvious, but in order to [...]

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A water spider’s impact on a heavy fabricating operation

WB Industries embraces this lean manufacturing role to boost productivity and morale THE FABRICATOR JANUARY 2019JANUARY 16, 2019BY MARK SHAIN Before WB Industries appointed a water spider, all assembly hardware for one job was placed on a pallet and delivered to the area where employees were working (left). There was no easy way to verify quantities, [...]

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