This is a phrase that we use quite often at WB Industries. No matter how long we’ve been performing a specific task or how successful we’ve been with a certain approach, we’re always looking for ways to do things better.

How can we improve and innovate?

What are we missing?

Who should we be collaborating with?

These questions are continually being asked and answered at WB Industries. One area specifically where we wanted to improve was in our ability to land federal contracts. We knew we had the expertise to produce the quality work necessary to fulfill these contracts, but we needed to better understand who to get in front of in order to make this happen.

In this case, we turned to Summit Insight, a federal business consulting company.

In March of 2021, we started Summit Insight’s Federal Business Intensive Program

Through our work with Summit Insight, we learned how to be far more strategic on the federal proposals we were submitting. As the old adage goes, it wasn’t about the quantity of the proposals but rather the quality.

Through the help of Summit Insight, we learned to focus on how to build better relationships. We dug deeper into who our audience was for each proposal. We spent significantly more time understanding who our end users, stakeholders, and contracting officers were.

We had previously believed that speaking with the contracting officer was enough. And that’s simply not the case.

About a week after our training ended, we’re happy to say that we won a federal contract that we had set our sights on.

We want people to know us, know WB Industries and reach out to us. Summit Insight helped us navigate the industry and find other opportunities to bid on, so we’re really excited to see how this grows our business moving forward.

Check out this video of our Estimating Administrator Jack Bertolucci discussing our work with Summit Insight

Summit Insight Success Story: WB Industries 2:06 (