Autoquip Innovative Lift Solutions

Click Image for Autoquip brochureWB Industries is a certified distributor for Autoquip’s innovative lifting solutions for the material handling industry.  To see which products are available through WB Industries, please check out the brochure.

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Autoquip Innovative Lift Solutions

  • Hydraulic Lifts

  • Tilters & Turntables

  • High Travel Lifts

  • Mechanical Lifts

  • Dock Lifts

  • Pneumatic Lifts

  • Vertical Reciprocating Conveyors

Parts and Material Handling Equipment

Move.   Hold.  Store.

WB Industries designs, manufactures and installs equipment and systems that move, hold or store what you need, when you need it, where you need it.  We have designed and manufactured parts handling equipment including hoisting equipment, conveying equipment, and specialty designed dollies and transport carts.

If you need part holding or material handling equipment, we design and fabricate equipment to meet your specific requirements.  We have designed and built machine and paint stands, welding carts, jigs and tooling fixtures for many different industries.

From small material handling carts to very large transport dollies for fighter jet fuselages – we handle it all with exceptional engineering, machining, welding and project management expertise.

Parts and Material Handling Solutions

  • Parts Dollies

  • Transport Carts

  • Holding Dollies

  • Lifting/Hoisting Components and Assemblies

  • Conveying Equipment and Turntables

  • Trailers

  • Machine and Paint Stands

  • Welding Carts

  • Jigs and Tooling Fixtures

  • Hoppers

  • Aircraft Rigging

Industrial Storage Racks, Carts & Containers

Products.   Equipment.  Materials.

Storage may seem like an unimportant afterthought but well designed storage systems and containers will impact employee safety, increase productivity, and improve sustainability while reducing damage and costs.

We custom fabricate material storage racks, cabinets, carts, boxes and containers, helping you  keep your products organized, accessible and protected.  Storage cabinets and carts can be fixed or mobile, providing flexibility to go where they are needed.

Our custom wooden storage boxes and cleated crates are built to your dimensional specifications and include custom nesting to keep the contents from moving while reducing the potential for damage.

Industrial Storage Solutions

  • Material Staging and Sequencing Racks

  • Material Storage Racks

  • Storage Containers

  • Storage Cabinets

  • Parts Storage Carts

  • Wooden Storage Boxes & Crates

Custom Shipping Containers & Boxes

Crates.   Nesting.  Kitting.

When your product needs a custom shipping container don’t settle for an off the shelf box and risk damage resulting from a poorly packed product. Our shipping containers are custom built to your exact specifications to ensure your domestic or international shipment arrives in the same condition you packed it.

Our reliable, reusable wood containers comply with our customers’ specific requirements. Additional specifications are applied as needed such as the TFIM and TPIM specifications used to support Boeing’s shipping container requirements.

We are capable of building containers with unique requirements, such as using heat-treated lumber, specific metals and hardware, preservation methods, and water proofing with liners and barriers. Our custom manufactured shipping containers come with packaging and insert solutions, such as custom nesting using polyethylene foam or other specified nesting materials.

Additional services offered include kitting, painting and stenciling.

Custom Shipping Container Solutions

  • Wooden Shipping Boxes

  • Cleated Plywood Crates

  • Custom Nesting and Protective Inserts

  • Kitting Options

  • Painting and Stenciling Solutions

  • International Compliant Containers