Wood.   Metal.   Store.   Ship.

WB Industries offers comprehensive solutions for the designing and manufacturing of custom wood and metal containers used for domestic and overseas transportation and shipping, and for the storage of aerospace tooling and other product- related needs. These reliable, reusable wood and metal containers comply with our customers’ specific requirements for product protection while in transit, as well as being suitable for warehousing and storage environments.

We design and manufacture custom storage and shipping containers and boxes for a variety of sizes and applications from small parts to very large and complex parts, components and equipment. Containers may include inserts to hold packed items securely.

Additional services are also available including kitting, assembly, nesting and stenciling.

Custom Storage and
Shipping Container

  • Custom Wood Containers For Shipping, Storage & Warehousing

  • Custom Metal Containers for Shipping, Storage & Warehousing

  • Plywood Cleated Shipping Containers – Domestic or Overseas Shipping

  • Built Per Required Federal, ASTM Specifications (ASTM-D6251 and ASTM-D6256, Boeing TFIM, MIL STD. 20731D)

  • Boeing-specific Containers – Type I thru VII boxes, Built in Accordance with TFIM 90.304 and TPIM 08.192

  • Applications Requiring Heat-treated Lumber, Fumigation or Vapor Barriers (water proofing)

  • Linings as Specified for Overseas Shipments

  • Nesting of Parts or Product in Polyethylene Foam or Other Required Nesting Material

  • Painting, Stenciling and Other Detail Specifications

Custom Storage and Shipping  Container Projects