WB Industries is proud to announce that it has recently added additional waterjet cutting capabilities. “As we continue to look at ways to better serve our customers and improve on our efficiencies, we have chosen to expand our operations to include additional waterjet cutting options,” says WB Industries President, Gary Bertolucci. This investment will provide solutions for our customers, while enhancing and continuing our 100-percent dedication to our mission, vision and values: A quality custom-solutions provider…reliability, on time, on budget

WB Industries, specializing in custom metal fabrication, has recently acquired a Flow Mach 3 Waterjet System with a 6′ x 12′ cutting area. According to Bertolucci, “We knew the time was right to purchase this new piece of equipment. It will fit in nicely with what our team has to offer.”

WB Industries services a wide variety of customers, including construction, aerospace and a diverse group of industrial companies. “Waterjet cutting offers an impressive array of advantages over more traditional cutting methods and we look forward to utilizing this technology,” says WB Industries Engineering Manager, Ken Wasiuta. “We are confident that adding this additional option for our customers, combined with our team’s ability to deliver the finished product, will prove invaluable to our customers.” Wasiuta emphasized further that, “Since waterjet cutting does not induce heat or impact, it assures producing a very accurate and repeatable part for the welding and fabrication processes. This translates into savings and a better product for our customers.”

Waterjet systems use a high pressure stream of water with an abrasive added to the stream to cut the material, thus delivering a very precise finished product. Waterjets are suitable for a wide range of material types and thicknesses including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, hardened tool steels, copper, inconel, and titanium, as well as plastics, wood, foam, rubber, ceramic tile, granite slabs, and glass. It has been used effectively in manufacturing for years.