WB Industries’ installation team has recently been on the road to install some of our custom metal fabricated equipment for our local and out-of-state customers. 

Traveling to one of our aerospace customers in Texas, we recently installed a custom metal fabricated inspection work platform. The platform allowed inspection personnel full access from all angles, above and below, to inspect and modify large/ highly specialized components.  For another one of our aerospace customers in Louisiana, we installed several large 3-story and 5-story custom metal fabricated rolling work platforms to allow access to some large components for the space program.  

Locally,we have been busy installing a structural steel addition to a new Rosalitas restaurant in Des Peres, and a new Fire House in Creve Coeur. Additionally, we’ve been doing some factory modifications for one of our local customers who’s been upgrading their facility, including adding new equipment. We designed and installed a number of custom manufactured safety guards and chutes to keep their product moving safely and efficiently along their automated conveyor lines.

Our installation customers recognize the benefits of having the manufacturer of their custom equipment do the installation on-site, safely and efficiently, after all we know how it all goes together!  Interested in experiencing the benefits of our installation services?  Give us a call!

WB Industries, O’Fallon MO, is a proven resource for quality custom design, fabrication, and machining, servicing local, national and global customers in several industries including, aerospace and defense, manufacturing, construction and commercial. WB Industries’ facilities and capabilities, team of designers, project managers, fabricators and machinists are suited to provide solutions from the smallest machined part to aircraft-size tooling and fabrication.